New Hanover County
High School Wellness Centers


Offering access to Primary Care and Mental Health Care Services at School

What We Do

High School-based Wellness Centers provide enrolled students access to comprehensive health care, on-campus, at New Hanover County's four public high schools.

Program Benefits

Students can be seen where they spend most of their time: at school.

Students are eligible to receive medical care and/or mental health therapy services at school.

Parents don't have to leave work and try to get an appointment with a doctor or outside therapist.

Students miss less school; parents seldom miss work.

Services Available

Program Benefits

Enrolled students can be seen by a medical provider (FNP or PA-C) for acute illnesses, such as:

Sore throat

Ear and sinus infections

Urinary tract infections


Minor sprains/strains, etc.

Preventative services such as annual well visits and immunizations

Outpatient Mental Health Services

Mental health therapy, provided by a Licensed Mental Health Professional, is available to enrolled students struggling with:



Teen/parent relationships

Academic and social stressors

Other mental health issues and conditions

Both individual and family counseling are available.

Sports Physicals

Things We'd Like You to Know