Share Your Story

Stories are a powerful tool to help lawmakers, the media and the public understand the need for affordable, quality health care. If WHAT has helped you in some way or positively affected the life of someone you know, tell us here!

For Students/Youth, Patients, Parents, Teachers, Support Staff:

Please answer the following questions if applicable:

Your Story

Wilmington Health Access for Teens advances access to quality health care for youth. All stories are valuable. Will you share yours? You might consider using one of these prompts to help you get started telling your story:
  • I couldn’t go to a doctor because….
  • At my school-based health center I was….
  • My experience with health care would be better if….
  • If it weren’t for the help I received at my health center…
  • I appreciate that at my school-based health center….
  • Because I didn’t have health insurance…

May we have permission to share your story?