Our Mission

To improve the health of the youth of our community by ensuring access for all to quality physical and mental health services and by providing prevention, education and outreach services to promote optimal health.


WHAT seeks to address and minimize common barriers to health care access for adolescents and young adults while linking them to a medical home, whether with us or another medical home in the community. Our services provide numerous benefits and potential benefits to adolescents and young adults, parents, families, schools and the surrounding community, including:

  1. Ensuring linkages so that services are available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, year-round.
  2. Encouraging parental/caregiver/family participation in care.
  3. Promoting comprehensive health services to students at school so they can avoid health-related absences and receive support to succeed in school.
  4. Working collaboratively with other local primary care practices and service providers, New Hanover County Schools, and other community agencies.
  5. Coordinating specialty and subspecialty consultations, referrals, and collaborations.